Emprace the transition towards human relevance and animal-free culture:

XplaceH2 is an anaimal-free serum replacement containg concentrated proteins derived from a continuous hepatocyte-derived suspension cell culture.

XplaceH2 enables adhesion using various matrix proteins such as fibronection and contains the necessary transport proteins known for increasing the bioavailability of small molecules. The presence of numerous protease inhibitors allows for easy customisation using standard passaging protocols.

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New product!!

Explore an alternative for human liver-derived S9 fraction.

Scinora exclusively produces a cell line-derived, cultivated human S9 fraction fully comparable with the standard products currently available.

HiCultS9 is produced using a proprietary animal component-free process and provides a building block further towards a human-centered research as well as development.

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Our universal serum-free medium designed to continuously maintain a variety of mammalian cell lines. It suits as an excellent exosome production medium enabling extended incubation periods as well as higher yields. Get this versatile protein-free, chemically defined basal medium and boost the transition towards serum-free cell culture in your lab.

Products for animal component-free
cell culture processes

We offer serum-free, chemically defined cell culture media formulations for a variety of common adherent as well as suspension cell lines. Furthermore, our feed media will enable an elongated viable production phase for improve yields in cell mass, exosome and proteins. 

In vitro assay solution

Scinora produces and provides various solutions for in vitro assaying as well as expression.

Tailor-made cell line development, adaptation and optimisation

As a CRO, Scinora provides established protocols to provide custom cell line development including suspension adaptation. Along to our media optimisation expertise, we optimise the existing media and develop optimised solutions for your demands to improve the process overall.