SciNH5 | Chemically defined basal medium

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SciNH5 was been developed to enable growth of adherent cells as well as the propagation of cell lines inherently grown in suspension. It serves as a basal medium for blood-derived cancer cells, T cell activation, hybridoma, primary adherent cells from human and oher animal source.

The chemically defined, protein-free formulation provides essential as well as beneficial nutrients. Depending on the cell type or cell line, the addition of specific growth factors is necessary.


Application note | Characteristics

SciNH5 is available in different formates:

  • w/o L-glutamine, w/o nucleosides
  • with L-glutamine, w/o nucleosides
  • w/o L-glutamine, with optimised nucleoside composition
  • with L-glutamine, with optimised nucleoside composition
  • Powder for 1 L SciNH5 (w/o L-glutamine, w/o D-(+)-glucose, w/o NaHCO3)


SciNH5 contains neither phenol red, antibiotics nor poloxamer 188.
On request, variations in media formulation can be performed.

The medium is provided as a 0.22 μm sterile filtered as well as sterility tested liquid with a pH of 7.3 +/- 0.1 and free of mycoplasma.


Compatible cell lines

  • T-cell propagation
  • Avian embryonic cells
  • Hepatoma cells
  • Hybridoma cells
  • Various human cancer cell lines


Additional information

Data sheet SciNH5


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