SciFY7 | Chemically defined feed medium

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SciFY7 was been developed to improve the growth and productivity in mammalian cell-based fed batch processes in suspension culture. It was specifically designed for human cell-based fed batch cultures, e.g. for HeLa or hepatoma cell lines. SciFY7 was shown to improve and prolong exosome production in various cell lines.

The chemically defined, protein-free formulation provides all essential as well as beneficial nutrients.



SciFY7 is available in different formates:

  • w/o L-glutamine, w/o D-(+)-glucose
  • w/o L-glutamine, with D-(+)-glucose
  • with L-glutamine, with D-(+)-glucose

SciFY7 contains neither phenol red, antibiotics nor synthetic polymers such as Poloxamer 188.
On request, variations in media formulation can be performed.

The medium is provided as a 0.22 μm sterile filtered as well as sterility tested liquid. The liquid medium is free of mycoplasma.


Application note

The feed medium SciFY7 was optimised to be applied daily at 5 % (v/v) starting from day 3.

Optimally, the L-glutamine and D-(+)-glucose concentrations should be monitored throughout the process and be adjusted to 1-2 mM or 1-2 g/L, respectively.



Compatible cell lines

  • HeLa
  • Hepatoma cell lines
  • HEK293
  • Various human cancer cell lines


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